First ice sculpture museum in Antalya

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Turkey’s first ice sculpture museum is under construction in the southern province of Antalya. The museum is being established in the Snow World Entertainment Center inside the Antalya Aquarium. Sculptor Serkan Kalkan recently gave the ice sculptures their final shaping.

Among the ice sculptures will be a two-meter pyramid as well as Bellerophontes (a mythological Greek hero who killed a Chimera) and recreations of Hadrian’s Gate, the Temple of Apollo and the Lycian necropolis, among many others.

The walls of the museum are also covered with ice aquariums, where frozen fish and crabs are on display.

The director of the center, Murat Selek, said the opening would be held in a few weeks.

He said the museum would be the first one in Turkey, adding it would be open 12 months a year, while an entrance fee for the museum has not been set yet.