Caretta caretta eggs begin to hatch in southern Turkey


A number of eggs belonging to the caretta caretta, or loggerhead turtle, and the chelonian mydas, both species of marine turtle under conservation, have begun to hatch on the beaches of the southern province of Mersin.

Serap Ergene, the manager professor at the Sea Turtles Application and Research Center, has urged people wandering around to be cautious for the sake of these baby caretta carettas, adding around 530 nests have been found in the area.

“In the dark of night, baby caretta carettas hatch and head towards the light shining on the horizon of the sea, as long as they stay on land. Any sort of light to the rear of the coast could kill them. Lighting, dogs and particularly people pose a danger for them. If we want to witness this miraculous moment, we should observe from a distance of at least 10 meters, without harming them,” said Ergene.