Baby caretta carettas to be protected by hedges in Kemer

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The nesting grounds of caretta carettas, or loggerhead turtles, are to be protected by hedges at the hatching zone near the Çıralı beach in the resort town of Kemer in Antalya province.

The entry of vehicles was blocked at the 3,500-meter-long beach, while camping at the beach was banned to protect the eggs and hatchlings.

The Kemer district governor’s office announced the decision stemmed from the danger caused by humans, including camp fires, noise and a lack of attention by people and cars at the beach, which harm the baby caretta carettas and their nests. People will only be able to pass through the gates of the hedge.

“We have compromised the comfort of people, for the sake of the comfort of caretta carettas,” said Kemer District Governor Halil Serdar Cevheroğlu, announcing that even if camping is an environmentalist mentality that they respect, they seek the peace of the turtles’ living spaces.