Stone Sculpture Symposium at UNESCO world heritage site

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In the Mediterranean resort province of Antalya, the second Stone Sculpture Symposium will be held in the Kaş district, which was recently added to the UNESCO World Heritage List.

At the symposium to be held at the ancient site of Xanthos, nine marble seating areas that fit the historical fabric of the site will also be installed.

Excavations were launched in the 1950s by French archeologists at Xanthos, near the Esen watercourse.

Currently, led by Professor Burhan Varkıvanç, the excavations have maintained by the Akdeniz University (AÜ) Faculty of Arts, located in the area.

Last year, the excavation team has held the first symposium with their work.

Akdeniz University Manager of Sculpture Department Professor Hanife Yüksel, teaching assistant Uşık Aslıhan and her students visited the symposium. Yüksel announced that, in memory of the symposium, they would to bring art to the site, by making and placing nine marble seating areas, where tourists visiting the symposium could repose.

Visitors will be able to visit the Stone Sculpture Symposium, and even sit on marble seats in the heart of the ancient site, until Aug. 1.