Russian left in vegetative state in Antalya years ago possibly identified

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A Russian woman living in Moscow might have the key to the identity of a Russian man who was left disabled and lost his memory after a traffic accident in Turkey 7 years ago. If correct, the man might be a Russian youth who went missing in Marmaris seven years ago and never heard from again.

Rendered disabled and without memory in a traffic accident seven years ago, the Russian man has been cared for by Gülsüm Kabadayı and her family in the Aksu district of Turkey’s Mediterranean province of Antalya since the fateful accident. With authorities unable to identify him, his adoptive family has given him the name ‘Umut,’ or ‘Hope’ in Turkish.

Kabadayı explained that many people got in touch with her about his possible identity after they opened a Facebook account for Umut a few days ago.

One of these people was Moscow-resident Olga Pamohaba, who contacted Kabadayı and shared a photograph of a young Russian man who went missing in Turkey’s southwestern town of Marmaris seven years ago and was never heard from again, whom she believed was Umut.

Comparing the pictures of the missing Russian youth and Umut today, Pamohaba ran a proportional cross-analysis of both men and concluded that their values were very close to one another.

“The young man in the photograph does look like Umut back when he was 35 kilograms (78 pounds) lighter,” Kabadayı told reporters. “We were very surprised when we saw the picture. We’re not sure if it is Umut or not. I really want this mystery to be resolved. I really want it to be resolved so Umut can receive treatment.”

Kabadayı has developed a very strong emotional bond with Umut over the years. “If Umut’s real family comes I will not give him up. I just want his real family to come out for his treatment.”