Forensic reports indicate 102 deaths in Ankara bombing

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The Forensic Medicine Institution in Ankara has finalized autopsies on the victims’ bodies, which according to the institution’s reports, said 102 autopsies were conducted.

Ninety-seven of the bodies, for which autopsies have been conducted, have been handed to their families, while five bodies remain at the forensics lab, three of which are unidentifiable.

The two bodies, whose faces were identifiable, were shown to relatives of those who lost loved ones, but they were not able to recognize the deceased.

DNA samples from the five bodies could not be matched with the police’s criminal records.
The samples have been sent to the Istanbul Forensic Medicine Institution for more detailed analysis, necessitating a further wait before a conclusion.

One or two of the three bodies, which are unidentifiable, are thought to belong to the suicide bombers.
Commenting on the way in which the explosion had taken place, Prime Minister Ahmet Davuto─člu said Oct. 12 during a televised broadcast that the attack was staged by two suicide bombers.