I really want to say many thanks to Aysun for her great assistance with our residence permit application.

She is a fantastic person,very friendly,warm and reliable.She speaks english perfectly and from the first email contact she has been very professional and clever and she always gave to us correct and prompt answers.It s incredible remember when we arrived in Antalya a thursday in december and the monday after we had already completely finished my and my husband  application.

Everything Just IN 4 Days!!!

This was possible just with Aysun's professional assistance,we did in one day with her help things normally you can do in couple of weeks.Even if we speak a good english and we have  lived abroad more than ten years, turkish administration can be very frustrating. So having a fast and clever person like Aysun that can assist you is an enourmous advantage.

It has been a pleasure to meet a nice person like her.Now she has become a reference point for our day by day life(for example she helped to find eletrician,plumber ecc.)

We really cannot thank enough  Aysun,I really wish her all the success she deserves,

We reccomand to anyone to ASKAYSUN

she is still helping us....


manny and max

So where do we start? at the beginning is always a good place. way back in 2013 Darren and I were strugglinbg with communicating with Turkey in order to arrange a wedding blessing in April 2014. We searched everywhere made 100's of phone calls sent 100's of emails all to no avail and then our dreams came true when begging for help on the worldwide forum we were sent the 'ask aysun' link.


Aysun Hoche what can I say about this lady? intelligent, warm, helpful, funny, assertive, organised and just an all round wonderful human being. from the outset, communicating perfectly in English she was researching and listening to our wishes, a risk we thought, we dont know this person shes in another country yet she is planning our dream day? we should never have worried


OMG!!! she sorted out the idiots at our hotel who wanted our money for nothing, trying to get in on the act, but for Aysun this was all in a days work. the Minibus turned up decorated in purple as requested with Aysun wearing a hat, an entourage of helpers and the warmest of welcomes, we were taken to the harbour where we boarded our dream yaucht beautifully decorated throught out, food and cake all supplied the photograther OMG was amazing, Bila Hohe was so funny, he kept us all in tears of laughter such a professional man and his photographs just perfect. The service was held by a wonderful man and now friend Mack James who spoke elequantly and with true feeling (im sure he had tears in his eyes too)  a moment niether of us or our 4 children would forget.


So the captain sailed us down the Manavgat River, so beautiful, tourist boats cheered as they went by and all we could hear was cheers and applause, so amazing. The ladies prepared a beautiful lunch, i wish i knew all their names, one was Aynur, what a beaut of a lady and now friend, such a special person the children loved her and called her the lady with red hair.


The cake, beautiful and delicious, champagne popping, kids laughing, tourists cheering what more could we ask for.....and then, we were allowed, aboard the yaucht to do our wedding dance in the open air in bright sunshine,which was the most amazingly romantic experience of my life. Aysun and team then took us to 'Side' and we walked through the rustic cobbled streets to hear more applause and congratulations ending up at the most romantic and beautiful settings we have ever seen, for our sunset photoshoot the Apollo temple ruins, just truely breathtaking pictures. 


We cant thank you enough Aysun and indeed wish you every success in the future and hope that other English people mange to find you in order to make their dreams come true as we were blessed in finding you and in our life time, and  our childrens lifetime this day will never be bettered it was just perfect. xxxx


All our Love Darren & Julie Wickens and family

Julie Wickens